Special Edition Bluetooth Headset Jabra BT2070

Jabra BT2070 imageThe Special Edition of Bluetooth Headset Jabra BT2070 in brown color is really good for Women...I think ..You know The Jabra BT2070 offers edgy hands-free design for people who want something out-of-the ordinary. This unique headset has an intriguing design that centers around an illuminating silver circle that lights up for incoming calls. The BT2070 performs as well as it looks with simple functionality and staying power. Simple 3-button interface puts connection at your fingertips.

Get started straight-away with automatic pairing and just touch the circle to talk. The staying power is great for a headset so small - with impressive talk time that means you can enjoy all-day hands-free comfort and convenience. Edgy and stylish with quality to back it up - the Jabra BT2070 is state-of-the art hands-free device that lets you connect with attitude.

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