Chubby cheeks Solution

Do not worry about chubby cheeks, I'm going to inform you a useful information chubby cheek solution and how to make better so,, do not worry please !! you should always be confident in any condition , you can work around this by shading tricks to impress the face more gaunt. Here are some possible solutions;
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The following are 5 solutions to the chubby cheeks:
  1.  Create a dark shadow on both jaws with creamy shading.
  2. Brush the shadows under the cheekbones to give the illusion of a face that looked more gaunt.
  3. Greed natural shades of eye shadow for brown eyes look bright.
  4. Add shading outside using a large brush to be more evenly and looks natural.
  5. Apply blusher shades of brown to disguise the shape that contains the cheek. Greed below the cheekbones.

Do it with your best and then try again,,again and again to get solution for your chubby cheeks.
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