Better Control, More Pleasure and Safer Sex With Female Condoms

Many scientific studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that using condoms reduces the risks of pregnancy and disease. However, what about the advantages of female condoms versus traditional male design?

Clearly, a woman has a safety advantage when she has more control over disease prevention and pregnancy prevention during sex. Being prepared with a female condom provides far more control over how and when it will be used than relying on the guy to remember to supply and properly use protection. With greater control in the hands of the woman, safety is increased at least two ways.

One, the mere fact that she has a female condom and intends to use it communicates clearly to her man that she is smart and expects only the best for herself. Second, by taking control of the condom, a woman can make sure her man doesn't put her at risk by improperly using his own old-fashioned rubber.

A female condom can offer both partners more pleasure than the old-fashioned male protection. By knowing she is prepared and safe, the woman can relax and enjoy things as they take their natural progression. Many men report that they prefer for their partner to use the female sheath because to them it feels more natural. They also can forget about worrying about whether their own protection stays in place, and instead just go with the flow.

In a study published in 2006 by the respected "New England Journal of Medicine," researchers discovered that condom use by newly sexually active young women decreases infection with the cancer-causing human papilloma virus by a very substantial percentage. When condoms were used in 100% of sexual encounters, in this small study there were no cases of abnormal pap smears or other signs of virus infection. Other diseases such as HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea are also reduced significantly by proper condom use.

If you aren't sure about using a female condom versus the more standard types, you can experiment with what provides you the most fun while staying safe by trying a variety of different condoms from the Web Condom Store. Ordering is private, packaging is discreet, and the prices are unbeatable. This is a good way to entice your partner to join the fun and create great shared memories while you both stay healthy.

By Rob Leste
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