Female Condoms Versus Male Condoms - Which to Choose?

How do male and female condoms compare in effectiveness at birth control and preventing disease? To choose the best way to stay safe while enjoying sex, nothing is more helpful than some facts. We all know that using condoms is one of the best ways to stay safe during sex, but what are the advantages of the relatively new female design compared to the traditional male type?

The good news is that both types work very well when properly used. A key factor in proper use is to make sure that after sex, the contents of the used condom does not come into contact with the woman's genitals. An advantage of the female condom in this regard is that the woman has more control of both using it and disposing of it.

What about comparative mechanical reliability? In a scientific study of use by women at a high risk of sexually transmitted disease published in 2005 by the medical journal, "Sexually Transmitted Diseases," there was a higher rate of breakage with male condoms than with female condoms. With both types, problems such as breakage and slippage decreased with experience in their proper use. The scientists who conducted this study concluded that both types were effective in lowering the risk of becoming newly infected with a sexually transmitted disease. The overall failure rate for male condoms in this study was 2.3% and the overall failure rate for the female type was 1.2%.

A medical research study published in 2007 in the "American Journal of Epidemiology" found that both condoms designs are about equally effective in preventing unwanted exposure to semen. The way these tests were done was to sample the vaginal fluids of female volunteers both before and after they had sex, and then measure the presence of a biochemical marker produced only by men. If the marker was present after sex but was not present before, then the woman had been newly exposed to semen. If the marker was absent, then the condom had performed properly. There were no significant differences in the results of using the two types in these experiments.

An additional factor to consider in choosing between a male and a female design is the possibility that the female condom will better protect from diseases that are not only transmitted in fluid, but also against diseases that are transmitted by direct skin contact. Since the female type covers a larger external surface area, it offers more protection from contact-transmitted diseases such as herpes and genital warts.

Some users of the female condom report that it gives a better overall sexual experience than the male design. Men report greater sensitivity with the female polyurethane sheath, and women enjoy the greater control it gives them throughout the sexual encounter.

Condoms save lives and prevent unwanted pregnancy. You and your partner will both be happy you have a good supply on hand at all times. Arm yourself with both facts and with a variety of condoms at http://webcondomstore.com so that you can stay safe while you enjoy a good and fulfilling sex life.
By Rob Lester
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