Generic oral contraceptives and Ortho Tricylen

What are generic medicines? Generic medicines are made available once the patent runs out on a brand name medicine. These medicines act on the body in the same way as the brand named ones and usually contain the identical active ingredients. Governments set strict quality standards before all 'generics' are approved for sale. Generic medicines are often cheaper than the brand named ones even though they are often made by the same company.

What is in Generic Ortho Tricyclen? Generic Ortho Tricyclen is a combination of synthetic female hormones that is taken orally to prevent ovulation and therefore prevent pregnancy- the two generic drugs used are ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate.

How does it work? A basic explanation- Ortho Tricyclen alters the state of the lining of your womb (uterus) and the consistency of your cervical mucus to make it difficult for those eager little sperms to get to your egg. If an egg does happen to become fertilised, the changes that Ortho Tri Cyclen have caused to the uterus lining then make it extremely difficult for the zygote (fertilised egg) to embed itself in your womb and begin its development into a foetus.

An oral contraceptive pill to take for acne- If you are looking for an effective treatment for your acne, you may find that your doctor will prescribe Generic Ortho Tricyclen for you to try. However, if you are starting a course of pills for the very first time, solely to manage your birth control, it is wise to use extra back-up contraceptives like spermicides and condoms until you your body has fully adjusted to the change in the levels of 'new' hormones'.

Always use any medication, including Ortho Tricyclen, with caution- Generic Ortho Tricyclen has been linked to birth defects so do not take it if:you are pregnant, are breastfeeding a new baby or you become pregnant while taking a course of Ortho Tricyclen.

Tell your doctor at once if any of the above apply to you OR if you have or have had, any of the medical conditions here: stroke, blood clotting or other issues with your circulation, uterine or breast cancer (these are hormone related cancers), vaginal bleeding that is abnormal liver cancer or liver disease, migraines or an outbreak of jaundice as a result of taking another brand of oral contraceptive pill.

Special Monitoring may be necessary for you - In a very few cases, a doctor may adjust the regular dosage of Ortho Tricyclen and it could be that you are one of the few women whose condition will need regular monitoring with ongoing tests. Here are some common conditions but they are serious ones and you should tell your doctor if you have/have had any of them: high blood pressure, chest pains, heart failure,high cholesterol,diabetes or depression and gallbladder problems.

Remember to follow the instructions for a correct dose- Always take generic Ortho Tricyclen as prescribed by your doctor or clinic and don't be tempted to take extra doses 'just to sure' or to keep taking it for a longer length of time than your doctor recommended. Usually, you take you first pill on the first day of your period (or on the first Sunday after the beginning of your period)

Remember also, for Ortho Tricyclen to be most effective, you must take one pill every day and not more than 24 hours apart, otherwise you do risk getting pregnant. Try NOT to run out of pills but have the next course on hand ready to follow on without a gap.

Why are some pills different colours? One month's course of Ortho Tricyclen contains 28 individual pills. Not all 28 pills are 'actively contraceptive', i. e. containing ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate. There 7 pills that are 'dummy' pills or 'reminder pills', which are only included in the pack to help you to get into a 'pill taking' routine and to keep your menstrual cycle regular. Your regular period will start during the days you are taking the 'dummy' pills.

When you first trial Ortho Tricyclen, you may have a little bleeding during the first 3 months but this should soon disappear- if it doesn't, or if it gets worse, talk to your doctor about it, there may be another brand that suits your body better.

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