What Can You Take to Cure a Yeast Infection While Pregnant?

I know that being pregnant can be difficult as the medicines you can take are extremely limited due to their interaction with the fetus. So what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant? There are a number of options. The first answer to what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant is OTC medicines. Medicines such as vagisil and monistat will work just fine. These are creams that you apply 2 to 3 times a day. They should not have a negative effect on the fetus. Be sure to consult your doctor first just to be on the safe side, however, these are typically safe to take.

Another solution is to use a douche of peroxide and water. Mix 3 parts water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a douche bottle. Use this mixture 2 to 3 times a day for 7 to 14 days. The reason this works is due to the oxygenization of the peroxide when it is introduced to air. The extra oxygen kills off the yeast in the vaginal area and is completely safe to the fetus.

The third answer to what can you take to cure a yeast infection while pregnant is yogurt. Eating the yogurt helps as it replaces the natural organisms in the body that keep the Candida fungus in check. Another solution, and I know this sounds a little gross to many women, is to apply yogurt to a tampon and wear it over night, every night, for 7 to 14 days.

You will need to make sure it is pure yogurt. Not the most common sugary yogurt. The sugar will only make the problem worse. This works similar to peroxide as it turns into oxygen and kills the infection. It also is filled with micro organism's that feed on the fungus.

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