It Was Hard to Feel Sexy When I Was Flat-Chested

I am so grateful that I found a way to enhance my breasts. I cannot describe to you the positive change that made in my self esteem and confidence. I remember that as a teenager I was never comfortable with the size of my breasts.

Although they were not as small as they could have been they were not full enough to give any sort of cleavage. I am sure some people think that breast size is not such an important issue but most of us are concerned about our appearance whether we discuss that fact or not.

My breasts made me feel embarrassed about wearing bathing suits and many of the stylish clothes that I loved. But on the up side my breasts were firm and well shaped. I had a friend that had breasts that were large but one was larger than the other. I knew I should be grateful and satisfied with what I was dealing with.

However, that knowledge did not comfort me. Over the years I married and had children. With each child birth I noticed that my breasts were sagging a little more. After my third child I was determined that I needed to change something.

I felt embarrassed for my husband to see my breasts. To me they were ugly. Although my husband did not seem to mind the changes in them I did. I could not feel sexy when I felt ashamed of my body.

Eventually I made up my mind to do something about it. I began by doing research into the options available. I found out all I could about breast augmentation. Surgery was obviously the quick answer but to be honest, I did not like the option of surgery. I knew about all the possible complications and it just seemed too risky.

I read about how to exercise to tone up the muscles that support the breasts. I tried those exercises for awhile but I did not see any results so I gave up. But eventually I learned about the breast enhancement pills and creams. These are made of natural ingredients and some of the programs offer a guarantee. Be careful though, some of these types of programs are scams so you do need to do your fair share of research.

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