Pamela Anderson get married for the fourth time.

Pam walks down the aisle for the fourth time... in a music video
It was a sight that no doubt would have her fans wide-eyed with disbelief - Pamela Anderson in a church, clad in a wedding gown, seemingly ready to get married for the fourth time.

The former Baywatch beauty wasn't really about to tie the knot in a shock ceremony, though. Instead, she was lensing scenes for Russian rock band Pilgrim's new music video in Moscow. Dressed as a bride, the 41-year-old reportedly earned just over £100,000 for appearing in the shoot.
The traditional church setting was a stark contrast from Pamela's real-life wedding to third husband Rick Salomon. The pair tied the knot in Las Vegas - where Pam was working as a magician's assistant – during a break between shows. Their marriage was annulled four months later.
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